What we do

UNHCR protects people forced to flee their homes as well as stateless persons.

We deliver life-saving assistance in emergencies, safeguard fundamental human rights, and help find long-term solutions so they can find a safe place to call home.

Protecting People Forced to Flee

Every year, millions of people are forced to flee their homes to escape conflict and persecution and cannot return without risking their lives, safety or freedom.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is there for them at every stage of the refugee and displacement journey, from the beginning of a crisis, through the months and often years that they are displaced from their homes.

We deliver life-saving aid and protection in emergencies, advocate for improved asylum laws and systems so displaced people can access their rights, and help find long-term solutions so they can return home once safe to do so or build a future in a new country.

We also work to ensure that stateless people are granted a nationality so they can access basic rights, such as education and health care.

Respond to emergencies

Within 72 hours, UNHCR can mobilize supplies for 1 million people and deploy expert staff to protect people forced to flee.

Protect human rights

UNHCR has worked with more than 100 countries to interpret and apply legal standards to ensure refugees can exercise their rights.

Build better futures

Over the last decade, UNHCR has helped almost one million refugees rebuild their lives in new countries, as part of our work to find long-term solutions.