Closure of Fraud Mailbox (Red Box) Outside the UNHCR Office

Friday / 04 March 2022

As of 2 March 2022, the Fraud Mailbox (Red Box) outside the UNHCR Refugee Centre has been permanently closed. Refugees, asylum-seekers and other individuals can continue to report fraud and corruption-related matters through the online form available here or by sending an email to

The Fraud Mailbox was not serving its function as a channel to receive complaints related to fraud and corruption. Over the years, it has almost always received requests related to Registration, Refugee Status Determination or Resettlement. As such, the decision was taken to close the mailbox. Please visit the respective pages of the Registration and Resettlement Units to find out how to contact them.

UNHCR Malaysia does not tolerate any form of fraud and corruption. UNHCR Malaysia’s Risk, Integrity and Oversight Team (RIOT) encourages anyone making an allegation related to fraud and corruption to provide as much information and evidence as possible.

Please remember that all UNHCR services are free of charge. You cannot pay to receive any service, or faster service, from UNHCR.

To find more information on Fraud and Corruption, please visit this page.