Fraudulent Schemes, Scams and Misrepresentation of UNHCR

Monday / 22 June 2020

UNHCR has received reports of fraudulent fundraising schemes perpetrated by individuals pretending to be associated with UNHCR. We wish to alert our supporters and the general public to be wary of such activities.

How do you know if a UNHCR fundraiser is legitimate?

  • You might meet our fundraisers at the mall or on the streets. Fundraisers representing UNHCR wear a visibility vest with the UNHCR logo and carry an identification badge and official supporting documents Mating personal information. They also carry UNHCR information and fundraising materials, including buntings and pamphlets. If you are in doubt, you can call UNHCR to verify their validity.
  • Our fundraisers will never ask you to give cash, either in person or by email/text message. All donations are made only via credit card and debit card, using secure credit card technology.
  • If you receive suspicious messages allegedly from UNHCR via email or text message. please contact us directly to verify. Do not give out personal information. or make any payments or donations if you am unsure of the authenticity of the email or text message.
  • To reach us for verification or to report suspicious activities, please call +(603) 2773 2828 or email

Please note that UNHCR strictly enforces a policy of zero tolerance concerning unethical and fraudulent acts. The unauthorised use of the United Nations/UNHCR/UNHCR Malaysia name, logo, or indicia in these schemes is illegal. Such activities will be reported to relevant authorities for appropriate action.