Join UNHCR’s Telegram Channels

Tuesday / 08 March 2022

UNHCR Malaysia has launched our official Telegram channels in 13 languages for refugees and asylum-seekers to find useful information directly from UNHCR.

All refugees and asylum-seekers are encouraged to subscribe to the channels to be updated on the latest news from UNHCR. Subscribers will not be able to respond to messages shared by UNHCR. All usernames and phone numbers will also be hidden. The phone numbers of subscribers cannot be seen by other subscribers in the channel but can be seen by UNHCR.

How to join UNHCR Malaysia’s telegram channels:

  1. Install the Telegram application
  2. On the Telegram Search bar, type ‘Refugee Malaysia’. You will be able to see channels in various languages
  3. Tap on the name of your preferred channel
  4. Tap on ‘Join’ to subscribe to the channel

The channels are available in Arabic, Burmese, English, Hakha, Jingpo, Malay, Mon, Persian, Rohingya, Somali, Tamil, Tedim, and Urdu.

This Telegram service will complement the website, which everyone is encouraged to visit regularly.

Please find a video explanation for how to download Telegram and join the UNHCR channels in Rohingya here.