Remote Interviews

UNHCR Malaysia usually invites Persons of Concern (POCs) to attend interviews at our Office. However, currently due to the COVID-19 situation, we cannot carry out interviews at the Office. Instead, UNHCR is conducting a number of interviews by phone with POCs who are willing to do so. This is to protect the health of refugees and UNHCR staff, in line with the movement control orders and social distancing requirements established by the Government of Malaysia. 

Please keep your phone number updated so that we can contact you. You can update it here on the UNHCR Malaysia website or using SMS (instructions here). 

 Please remember that all UNHCR services are free. If you have any complaints on issues related to fraud, please send an email to If you have any complaints on the conduct of UNHCR staff, please send an email directly to the head office in Geneva at The FAQ below explains the UNHCR procedures for remote interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please consult the Remote Interviews Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).