Remote Interviews FAQ

How does a remote interview work?

These are the steps:

  1. UNHCR will call to assess whether your situation is suitable for a remote interview. This will depend on availability of internet, mobile phone credit and privacy. You will also be asked questions to confirm your identity and UNHCR will ask for your consent to being interviewed remotely.
  2. Should you not feel comfortable with remote interview modalities, and do not consent to the process, please do not worry. We will reschedule you once we can accommodate you in the office.
  3. If you agree to the remote interview, you will receive an SMS from UNHCR confirming the details of your interview.
  4. One day before or on the day of your interview itself, you will receive an SMS from UNHCR with a one-time password (OTP). To protect yourself from fraudsters, please do not share this password with anyone.
  5. The use of OTP as a form of verification prior to the interview is in place since August 2021.
  6. When the UNHCR interviewer calls, ask them for this OTP to know the caller is a genuine UNHCR staff. If they provide you with the correct OTP, then continue with the interview. If it does not match the password you received from the UNHCR SMS, please stop the interview, and inform UNHCR when you are contacted for a new appointment.
  7. UNHCR uses different ways for conducting remote interviews, using: 1) Microsoft Teams, 2) Signal, and 3) ‘three-way’ phone calls.

How can I know that the SMS I received is from UNHCR?

The sender of the SMS should display as “62033” which is a general service provider. The SMS will state “UNHCR” followed by the five-digit one-time password (OTP). Please note that if you receive an SMS from any other mobile phone number starting with a mobile phone number like “017-…” or “013-…” it means it is not from the official UNHCR account. The use of OTP as a form of verification prior to the interview is in place since August 2021. 

What do I need for a remote interview?

UNHCR uses different ways for conducting remote interviews: 1) video conferencing calls (using Microsoft Teams and/or Signal), and 2) ‘three-way’ phone calls (using your phone line).

+ Video conferencing call (Microsoft Teams and/or Signal) 

For video conferencing calls, you will be asked to download Microsoft Teams and Signal.

  • Microsoft Teams

To download Microsoft Teams on your computer, click here.

To download Microsoft Teams on your smartphone please follow the steps below:


For IOS users: Search for Microsoft Teams and click the install button.


For Android users: Search for Microsoft Teams and click the install button.


Once the installation is complete, you will not need to sign up for account.


  • Signal

To download Signal on your smartphone please follow the steps below:


Signal is available in both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Keyword is – Signal Private Messenger.


After installing the app, click continue to proceed with your account creation.


Press continue when Signal request to access your contacts.


Enter your phone number and then click next. Make sure that the country selected is “Malaysia”.


You will receive an sms code from Signal. Enter the code correctly.


Proceed with setting up your profile in Signal.


Setup is complete. You can now use your signal.


+ Three-way phone call 

Alternatively, if you cannot attend a remote interview using mobile data/wifi you may be called to conduct the remote interview using a ‘three-way’ phone call. The interviewer will call you directly on your phone line and the interview will be carried out on a voice call. The interpreter will also be on the same line to ensure smooth communication.

How can I submit documentation in a remote interview?

Please let your interviewer know during the interview and they will instruct you how to submit documents.

Is a remote interview different from being interviewed in the office?

The only difference is that you will be interviewed in your own private space, for your own safety, health and wellbeing.

What happens if I choose not to be interviewed remotely?

You will be interviewed when the UNHCR offices are ready to receive you in the way that is safest to your health and wellbeing.

What if I cannot attend the interview on the date appointed by UNHCR?

When you receive a call from UNHCR to schedule your interview, you can let the officer know if you prefer a different date or time for the interview.  

On the day of the actual interview, please answer the interview call on the day of your appointment and verify that your call is from UNHCR by using the OTP you received (see above). Once you have confirmed that the caller is UNHCR, ask your interviewer to reschedule your appointment. 

What if I missed the call for my remote interview?

We will always try to call you several times within the time slot of your interview. If you miss our calls, please send a message or call us back. Our team will call you later to try to reschedule your appointment to a time suitable for you.