Voluntary Return FAQ

Welcome to the Voluntary Return Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Here, you can find more detailed information on the voluntary repatriation process, as well as the scope of UNHCR Malaysia’s involvement in voluntary repatriation.

Obtaining General and Case Specific Information on Voluntary Return

Where do I find information about voluntary repatriation to my home country within UNHCR’s mandate?

The UNHCR Handbook Voluntary Repatriation provides detailed information on UNHCR voluntary repatriation policy and practice. The Handbook is a public document.

I have attended the voluntary repatriation counselling session with the Durable Solutions Unit. Can I contact the Durable Solutions Unit thereafter to request for updates on my return arrangements?

There is no need to contact the Durable Solutions Unit by coming to the Office, or sending letters, faxes or emails. The Durable Solutions Unit will contact you if there is a need to resolve any pending issues in order to further assess and/ or assist with your return. It is therefore very important to keep your contact details – any telephone numbers (please also mention whether you use Whatsapp) and email addresses – updated with UNHCR, so that the Office can contact you whenever required.

The Scope of UNHCR Malaysia’s Involvement in Voluntary Return

My application for refugee status was rejected and I would now like to return to my home country. Can UNHCR assist?

You may approach IOM for counselling by sending them an e-mail at AVRmalaysia@iom.int. Applicants will need to cover the costs for their exit permit and special pass. UNHCR will not be able to provide a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF).

I cannot return to my own country as it is unsafe, but can UNHCR send me to a neighbouring country of my country of origin?

Voluntary Repatriation means the return to one’s country of origin voluntarily and under conditions of safety and dignity. UNHCR does not arrange, assist or facilitate travel to a neighbouring country.

My life is very difficult in Malaysia. I would like to go to another country. Can UNHCR issue me a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF)?

A Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF) is issued ONLY if an individual indicates intention to return to the country of origin.

Would UNHCR be able to assist if I am in danger of being forcibly returned to my country of origin?

UNHCR will advocate for the individual to prevent deportation to country of origin, especially if there are reasons to be believe that the individual’s life is at risk if returned.