How to Report an Arrest and Detention

Monday / 15 August 2022

Please be informed that in the event of an arrest or detention, you can make a report to UNHCR through: 

  1. The Arrest and Detention Report form on the Refugee Malaysia website 
  2. The Arrest and Detention Hotline. The line can be used to report arrest and detention at 012-630 5060 during the following times: 
    • Weekdays (Monday to Friday): 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
    • Weekends (Saturday to Sunday): 8.00 am — 4.00 pm

When making a report, please include the following information:

  • Name of arrested person 
  • UNHCR number 
  • Date and place of arrest 
  • Name of police station, detention centre where person currently is 
  • Body number if person is in prison or detention centre 
  • Court date and name of court if court date has been given

The Legal Protection Unit will monitor all arrest reports made through the detention hotline and the Refugee Malaysia website. UNHCR will do the necessary intervention with the relevant law enforcement agency as soon as possible, in order to prevent persons of concern who have been arrested under the Immigration Act from further detention and or prosecution.

Please refer to these videos in English and Malay on how to report an arrest and detention to UNHCR. Posters on reporting an arrest and what to do if you have been arrested can also be found here.