UNHCR Appointments (28 January 2022)

Jumaat / 28 Januari 2022

The UNHCR office is not open yet for walk-ins or those without appointments.

UNHCR is currently contacting refugees and asylum-seekers across Malaysia to approach the Office for appointments in line with COVID-19 SOPs.

Only refugees and asylum-seekers with an appointment may approach the office. If you have not been given an appointment do not come to UNHCR. If you have received a missed call from UNHCR, please note that you will be called back. There is no need to approach the office if you have received a missed call from UNHCR. If your UNHCR document states an expiry date, do not approach the office on that expiry date. Kindly wait for UNHCR to call you to schedule an appointment to renew your documentation.

Once you have been called for an appointment, you will be provided with a date and time to approach the Office. Before your appointment, you will receive a confirmation SMS containing your appointment date and time. You will need to show the confirmation SMS at the Reception Centre before you will be allowed entry. Those who come to UNHCR without appointments will be asked to leave immediately.

Kindly note to wear a face mask at all times and to follow the COVID-19 SOPs. If you are feeling unwell before the appointment or on the day of the appointment, do not come to the office. Please call the Registration Hotline +60176143810 (08:00am-4:00pm / Monday to Friday) to inform UNHCR and your appointment will be rescheduled.

Please ensure that your phone number is updated so that UNHCR is able to call you to schedule an appointment. Phone numbers can be updated here.

UNHCR will inform of any information or change concerning access to the office through the website refugeemalaysia.org, please check it regularly.