Mah Lungtho Tein Kirnak FAQ

Mah Lungtho Tein Kirnak Kongah Atu le Atu Biahalmi (FAQ) in kan in don hna. Mah lungtho tein kirnak kong he pehtlai in tawlrel ningcang le mah lungtho tein kirnak kongah UNHCR Malaysia aa tel venak a tuah khawh tawk tlingfiang deuh in hika ahhin na hmuh khawh.

Mah Lungtho Tein Kirnak kongah thil sining a tlangpi in le a dikthliar in hmuh khawhnak

Where do I find information about voluntary repatriation to my home country within UNHCR’s mandate?

UNHCR phungning tein mah chuahkehnak ram ah mah lungtho tein kir duh ninglaw kirnak kong he pehtlai in khoika dah thawngpang ka rel khawh lai? Kutlaih cauk hi zapi caah rel khawhmi a si.

I have attended the voluntary repatriation counselling session with the Durable Solutions Unit. Can I contact the Durable Solutions Unit thereafter to request for updates on my return arrangements?

Zung ah rat i Durable Solution Unit (DSU) rak ton hna, asiloah ca, fax le email tibantuk in kuat a herh lo. Na kirnak kongah tuahchap a herhmi a um ah siseh, bawmh na herhnak kongah siseh tawlrel dingmi a um ahcun Durable Solution Unit nih pehtlaihnak an in tuah lai. Nangmah pehtlaihnak le chawnhnak caah hmanmi – zeibantuk phone number paoh (Whatsapp na hman le hman lo chim chih), cun email address hna kha thlennawnnak a um ahcun UNHCR ah a thar na pek than dingmi kha a biapi taktak, zeica tiah a herh caan paoh ah Zung nih an in chawnh khawhnak ding caah.

Mah Lungtho Tein Kirnak Kongah UNHCR Aa Teltum Venak A Tuah Khawh Tawk

My application for refugee status was rejected and I would now like to return to my home country. Can UNHCR assist?

A herhmi i chimhnak le i cawnpiaknak caah ah IOM kha e-mail kua hna law an sin ah na va kal kho. Ramchung in chuahnak (exit permit le special pass caah a dihmi cu a tlung dingmi amah tein a lian a herh lai. UNHCR nih Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF) a pe lai lo.

I cannot return to my own country as it is unsafe, but can UNHCR send me to a neighbouring country of my country of origin?

Mah Lungtho tein Kirnak timi a suallam cu minung pakhat nih amah lungtho tein a chuahkehnak ram ah himbawm te le limhang ngei tein a kir kha a si. Mah ram innpa a simi ram ah kal kha UNHCR nih a tawlrel piak lo i a bawm lo.

My life is very difficult in Malaysia. I would like to go to another country. Can UNHCR issue me a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF)?

Voluntary Repatraition Form (VRF) hi minung pakhat nih amah chuahkehnak ram ah kir ka duh ko a timi hna sin LAWNG pek a si.

Would UNHCR be able to assist if I am in danger of being forcibly returned to my country of origin?

Minung pakhat a chuahkehnak ram ah kuat than si lonak ding, a hleice in a chuahkehnak ram ah kuat than a si i a nunnak caah tihnung dirhmun a phan ding a si ahcun hramhram in kuat than a si nakhnga lo UNHCR nih a dirpi lai i a chimrelpiak lai.