Lost UNHCR Documents

Friday / 16 December 2022

UNHCR wishes to remind refugees and asylum-seekers who have lost their UNHCR documents (card or Under Consideration letter) to report the loss of their documents through this form on the Refugee Malaysia website.

Please note that it is not mandatory to obtain a police report for lost UNHCR documents. Once you have submitted a report of lost documents on the Refugee Malaysia website, UNHCR will contact you within one month to schedule an appointment for you to come to the UNHCR office and receive a replacement of your document. If you lose your document more than once, you will only receive a certified copy of the document.

After you submit the report of your lost documents on the Refugee Malaysia website, please remember to keep the reference number of the report for future records. Please do not resubmit the website form as this could further delay processing. If there is any evidence of fraudulent use of UNHCR-issued documents, you may be investigated for fraud.

You will receive a replacement of your document even if you do not have a police report of the loss of the document. If you wish to make a police report for your own records, please ensure that the information you provide to the police is true. Making a false report is a crime under Malaysian law and, if charged, the individual can be imprisoned for up to 6 months or fined up to RM 2,000, or both. UNHCR will not intervene in any criminal cases.