Health Services

Your health is important. UNHCR-registered refugees and asylum seekers can access treatment at all public health facilities.

Primary Care

  • Primary care is initial, basic health services. If you are unwell, you should go to a primary care clinic first as most problems can be attended to at this clinic level.
  • The government clinics – Klinik Kesihatan and the Outpatient Departments (OPD) in Hospitals provide primary care services with a 50% discount off the Foreigners’ Rate if you have the UNHCR card or asylum-seeker letter
  • We encourage all refugees and asylum-seekers to also visit NGO clinics. NGO clinics will accept patients with or without UNHCR documents.
  • There are private clinics which have kindly agreed to provide discounted care for refugees. They are also listed on this page. Antenatal care (for pregnant women), family planning services, treatment for Diabetes and Hypertension are also available at these clinics.
  • For private clinics, like Qualitas and Care clinics, bring your community organization card or a letter from an NGO if you do not have a UNHCR document.
  • If the doctor at these clinics think you may need to go to the hospital for further care, they will write a referral letter for you to access the hospitals.

See the lists and map below for clinics you can visit.


Secondary Care

  • When your condition is more serious, you will be referred to see a specialist in a hospital or be admitted in a hospital for further care.
  • Government hospitals provide 50% discount off the Foreigners’ Rate if you have the UNHCR refugee card or asylum-seeker letter.
  • Hospital care can be expensive.

Assistance from UNHCR will depend on availability of funds and is highly restricted.

Tertiary Care

  • Due to funding constraints, support for tertiary care services is highly restricted (this will include heart surgeries, angioplasty, kidney dialysis and cancer treatment). They are strongly advised to seek alternative assistance.

Resettlement opportunities are also very minimal at this point.