Voluntary Return

UNHCR facilitates voluntary return or repatriation through providing objective country of origin information to ensure informed decision-making, step-by-step guidance on the exit procedures in Malaysia and the Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF), a required document for exiting Malaysia.

Get in Touch with UNHCR

If you are registered with UNHCR and would like to return to your home country, you can inform UNHCR about your interest to return by filling out the Voluntary Return (Request for Counselling) contact form.

Upon receiving your intention to return, the Durable Solutions Unit (DSU) at UNHCR will contact you to schedule an appointment for voluntary repatriation counselling. Please note that voluntary repatriation counselling sessions are currently conducted remotely in light of COVID precautions.

Please do not purchase your flight ticket before you attend your voluntary repatriation counselling session as it might go to waste. Possession of a flight ticket does not in any way translate into an earlier appointment for a counselling session with UNHCR.

Voluntary Return Counselling

  • Following the counselling session, UNHCR will decide if you can be issued a Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF). The VRF is essential for you to approach the Malaysian Immigration authorities for an exit permit.
  • After receiving the VRF, you should make an appointment with the Immigration Office via the Malaysian Immigration portal.
  • After receiving an appointment date from the Immigration, purchase your flight ticket. It is important that you schedule your flight toward the end of 30 days following your immigration appointment date.
  • On the day of the Immigration Office appointment, please bring the following:
    1. Your valid passport or the Emergency Certificate from your embassy (in place of a lost passport)
    2. The Voluntary Repatriation Form (VRF)
    3. Your flight ticket
    4. Money to pay for overstay penalty (which ranges from RM100 to RM3000 per individual, depending on your refugee status and length of overstay, as advised by the Immigration Office)
  • If all goes well on the day of your appointment with the Immigration Office, you will be issued a special pass and exit permit (which will have a 30 day-validity) on the same day.

Have Some Questions?

For more information, please consult the Voluntary Return Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).