Beware of Scam: Rohingya YouTuber

Monday / 04 December 2023

UNHCR has identified a Rohingya individual on YouTube who claims to be able to provide access to UNHCR processes. The individual has posted videos of him wearing a UNHCR vest, creating an impression that he is UNHCR staff and/or is connected to UNHCR. In the videos, he encourages individuals to apply for UNHCR services through a link. He also provided a link to a purported International Organization for Migration (IOM) page using the IOM logo and a WhatsApp page using the UNHCR logo seeking personal details.

This is a scam. The individual is not UNHCR or IOM staff. He is not connected to UNHCR or IOM. He has no authority or ability to issue UNHCR documents or to request personal information from anyone.

Please also note that UNHCR and IOM will never ask you for money. Be careful of individuals claiming to be able to help you obtain UNHCR documents, access UNHCR or IOM processes or fast-track your case in exchange for money. Do not share your personal information with them.

If you come across individuals claiming to be able to provide UNHCR services (UNHCR documents, registration, RSD, resettlement, etc.) in exchange for money, report this to:

  • The police
  • UNHCR using this form

Your UNHCR card will not be cancelled and your case will not be delayed or closed if you report suspicious activities to UNHCR.

For more information on UNHCR’s processes and assistance, please refer to the Refugee Malaysia website.