UNHCR-World Bank Joint Study on Refugee Livelihoods

Wednesday / 04 October 2023

Please be informed that UNHCR Malaysia and the World Bank are currently conducting a study project related to the livelihoods of refugees in Malaysia. The project includes a survey, which aims to collect information on the livelihoods conditions of refugees in comparison to the host community in Malaysia. It is hoped that the outcome of the project will contribute to informing and improving policies and programming related to refugees and asylum-seekers in Malaysia.

UNHCR has engaged IPSOS as a research partner to support the collection of data for the study, which would involve 2 stages, a calling exercise and survey. This notice serves to inform refugees and asylum-seekers that they may be contacted by IPSOS if you have been randomly selected as a potential participant for the survey.

Calling Exercise

  1. You may receive a call from someone representing IPSOS, who will ask you a series of questions to confirm your identity.
  2. Upon confirmation of your identity, you will be asked if you are interested to participate in the survey, which will be conducted physically. If you consent, IPSOS will make an appointment to meet with you at a place and time that is convenient for you.
  3. If you do not wish to be part of the survey, you can inform IPSOS of this, and no appointment for the survey interview will be scheduled with you.

UNHCR would like to assure you that participation in this survey is VOLUNTARY, and that there will not be any consequences for your non-participation. UNHCR would also like to stress that this survey is NOT in any way related to individual case processing and will not impact your case in any way.


  1. If you have consented to participate in the survey during the calling exercise, IPSOS will make an appointment to meet with you at a place which is convenient and comfortable for you.
  2. DURING THE SURVEY: When the IPSOS representative meets you, they will introduce themselves and produce a letter verifying their participation in the study. IPSOS will then explain the purpose of the survey to you and obtain your consent for participation.
  3. If you consent, IPSOS will then conduct the survey with you, which will take roughly 90 minutes of your time.

Please note that as IPSOS is an independent company engaged by UNHCR for the sole purpose of data collection for the study, IPSOS will not be able to respond to any questions related to individual case processing.

If you have any queries or concerns in relation to the project, please email MY-PA-Survey.Roma@ipsos.com or call +603 2289 3000.