Man Named Devdass or Davadass Anjan

Friday / 22 December 2023

UNHCR has received reports of a Malaysian man going by the name of Devdass or Davadass Anjan, who has been contacting members of the refugee community and claiming that he is able to resettle them to the United States of America within a month. He has been allegedly asking individuals to pay RM320 for an application form, and then another RM2,000 to submit the form. Below is a fraudulent letter allegedly from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and a fraudulent USCIS form with a superimposed United Nations logo that he has been reportedly sending to the refugee community.

The letter and form allegedly sent by Devdass or Davadass Anjan have not been issued by the US Government or the United Nations. The individual is not UNHCR or USCIS staff. He is not connected to UNHCR, USCIS, or any US government agency. He has no authority or ability to process cases for resettlement or to request personal information from anyone.

Please also note that UNHCR and the USCIS will never ask you for money. All US resettlement services and all services provided by UNHCR are free of charge. Be careful of individuals claiming to be able to help you access UNHCR or USCIS processes or fast-track your case in exchange for money. These individuals cannot influence your case. Therefore, do not share your personal information with them.

If you come across individuals claiming to be able to provide UNHCR services (UNHCR documents, registration, refugee status determination (RSD), resettlement, etc.) in exchange for money, report this to:

Your UNHCR card will not be cancelled and your case will not be delayed or closed if you report suspicious activities to UNHCR.

For more information on UNHCR’s processes and assistance, please refer to the Refugee Malaysia website.