Fraud and Corruption

Fraud is the act of not telling the full truth to make someone else believe something in order to get something in return, for yourself or for somebody else. Fraud is also not telling the full truth about your identity or hiding the full truth.

Corruption happens when people in positions of power, behaves in a dishonest way for personal gain. Examples of corruption include accepting gifts and money from asylum-seekers and refugees. It’s not just about receiving something. It also involves offering and asking for anything of value from other people and organizations.

Exploitation Schemes

An exploitation scheme is where persons, or groups of persons, falsely claim to have special links to UNHCR and promise a benefit such as registration, UNHCR documentation and resettlement to a third country in exchange for something valuable, usually money. Many refugees have been cheated of large sums of money through such schemes.

Examples of exploitation schemes include persons claiming to be linked to UNHCR or resettlement countries and asking for money to assist in obtaining UNHCR registration, documentation, RSD or resettlement.

Please remember that all UNHCR services are FREE. You cannot pay to receive any service, or faster service, from UNHCR.

Fighting against Fraud and Corruption

  • UNHCR has a zero-tolerance policy to all types of fraud and corruption.
  • All of UNHCR’s services are FREE.
  • Paying and receiving money, or doing something for someone in order to receive services provided by UNHCR, is WRONG.

Risk, Integrity and Oversight Team (RIOT)

The Risk, Integrity and Oversight Team (RIOT) at UNHCR Malaysia carries out investigations on refugees involved in fraud and corruption, and monitors fraudulent activities such as exploitation schemes.

RIOT also conducts training on fraud awareness to asylum-seekers and refugee organizations, UNHCR partners and staff. This is because UNHCR wants to stop all activities involving fraud and corruption.

Reporting Fraud and Corruption Committed by UNHCR Staff or Partner

If you have information about fraud and corruption committed by UNHCR staff or partner, please contact UNHCR’s Inspector General’s Office (IGO) via:

UNHCR will keep all reports strictly confidential.

Reporting Fraud and Corruption Committed by Asylum-Seekers or Refugees

There are three (3) ways to make a confidential report on fraud and corruption committed by an asylum-seeker or refugee to RIOT.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we strongly encourage you to use the Online Complaint Form (Fraud & Corruption).